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The Tank Gullwing, is the corner stone product of Tank Mobile Kiosks, The Gullwing is an adaptable kiosk suitable for a variety of applications. Heavy duty, robust construction equipped with lighting, water, waste, wash sinks and a electrical system able to energy share power for a number of electrical machines. One of the Tank Gullwing’s key features are the “Gullwing Doors” that provide adequate protection from the elements when open and security when the unit is closed and not in operation.
The Gullwing is commonly used for Coffee set ups but is also adaptable for a variety of food and beverage applications from Juice Bars, Sandwich Bars to Confectionary Kiosks.

Gullwing Non Food - 2

Gullwing Non Food

The non food Gullwing has been adapted to suit non food applications. Still equipped with the standards specifications, the Non Food does not carry the Food Vending Unit which house the wash sinks, water, waste etc…. the Non Food Gullwing is still used in food service in applications such as packaged food and is also used in an number of other applications such as Information Desks, Merchandisers etc…